Awards & Categories


We are the Mixed Bag Film Festival (MBFF). We are your gateway, albeit intergalactic or a well-paved yet chaotic path, to all things weird. We’re inviting you to submit your stories to our online virtual film festival taking place November 15 – 17, 2019.

Why should I submit?

Good question. Well here’s the truth. We’re new and open-minded. We’re not selling tickets to viewers to cover the costs of paying for venues. We’re doing everything online so that great stories can be enjoyed whether a film lover is in Los Angeles or Nowhere Else, Tasmania (Yes. It’s real. Look it up.). We believe that a good story should have an opportunity to be shared whether it had a budget of $0 or $1 million. How does it feel when your independent is put up against a film with a budget 10,000x or maybe even a 1 millionx larger than yours for a coveted spotted in the film fesstivals? No shade. Been there. Done that. Moved on and now building a space for people like us to showcase our creations.

Who should submit?

Story tellers who have a unique voice and a good story. We are creating a community that celebrates and welcomes you regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation, age, social or economic background, faith, nationality or planet of origin. Seriously.

What can I submit?

We are looking for the following:

Feature Films (any genre): between 80 and 180 minutes
Shorts (any genre): less than 40 minutes
Documentaries (any length)
Web Series (2 or more episodes)
Student Films (any length)
International (any length)
Legacy Projects (any film produced before January 1, 2018)

What are the submission deadlines?

Early Bird – Aug. 17, 2019 ($25)
Regular – Sept. 19, 2019 ($35)
Late – Oct. 9, 2019 ($50)
Student – Sept.19, 2019 ($20)/ Oct. 9, 2019 ($40)

What are the prizes?

Feature Grand Prize – Final Draft 11 & $1,500 in film marketing services*
Short Grand Prize – 1 year Master Class Subscription & $250 in film marketing services*
Web Series Grand Prize – 1 year IMDB Pro annual subscription & $250 in film marketing services
Student Films Grand Prize – Final Cut Pro X & $250 in film marketing services*
Documentary Grand Prize – $1,000 in film marketing services*
International Grand Prize– $500 in film marketing services
Legacy Content Grand Prize – $500 in film marketing services*

*Film Marketing services provided by Repertoire Creative

$1,500 Package (1 Film Poster Design, 1 Print or Digital Ad Design, 1 Social Media Cover Graphic, 1 written Press Release-distribution service fee not included)

$1,000 Package (1 Film Poster Design, 1 Print or Digital Ad Design, 1 Social Media Cover Graphic)

$500 Package (1 Film Poster Design, 1 Social Media Post Graphic Design and copy for 1x post)

$250 Package (1 Print or Digital Ad Design)

Mixed Bag Film Festival proudly accepts entries on FilmFreeway, the world’s #1 way to enter film festivals and creative contests.