Mixed Bag Film Festival Offers Eclectic Assortment of Films from Diverse Storytellers

The Mixed Bag Film Festival is a 3-day virtual film festival taking place November 15-17, 2019. As the latest entrant to the film festival circuit, Mixed Bag Film Festival has positioned itself as a platform that values diversity and welcomes all voices regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, social or economic background, faith, nationality or even planet of origin. Seriously.

How many film festivals are there today? The exact number may be difficult to nail down, but some estimates put the total in the thousands. So why did the festival organizers for the Mixed Bag Film Festival choose to launch a new film festival in an already seemingly over-saturated film festival field? “ We believe that a good story should have an opportunity to be shared whether it had a budget of $0 or $1 million,” says Festival Director Jason Blackwell. “As an independent filmmaker, I remember what it felt like to go up against “independent films” that had significant financial backing for a coveted spot in the top tier festivals. It was crushing,” he added.

In addition to a panel of film experts discussing topics ranging from screenwriting to cinematography, the pilot year is anticipated to present a selection of films across categories such as Feature, Documentary, Shorts, Web Series, and Student Films. While the categories include the usual fare of projects, the Mixed Bag Film Festival made a conscious choice to also include a slot for Legacy Projects. This slot is a rare opportunity for films that were completed before July 1, 2018. Why is this important for storytellers? There are two good reasons. First, for filmmakers with these types of “Legacy” films who have already made a festival run and still have not secured a distribution deal, screening at Mixed Bag could mean another opportunity for exposure. Second, for filmmakers who have projects that have missed the submission window, not been selected to be screened, or no longer meet the eligibility requirements because of online or theatrical distribution for other festivals, the Mixed Bag Film Festival offers a rare opportunity to still have their work seen.

While the majority of festivals are held at theaters across the country and around the world, the Mixed Bag Film Festival exclusively takes place online. What’s the advantage? According to the festival organizers, plenty. “We’re doing everything online so that whether a film lover is in Los Angeles or Nowhere Else, Tasmania they can still watch and participate,” says Blackwell.

The regular deadline for submissions ends on September 19, 2019. The late deadline is October 9, 2019. For more information on the festival, awards and prizes, rules and submissions visit

About Mixed Bag Film Festival

The Mixed Bag Film Festival (MBFF) is an online film festival that welcomes all voices. As a festival for diverse story tellers, we are your gateway, albeit intergalactic or a well-paved path, to all things both familiar and weird.